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Bug Out Bag – 10 Essentials For Your Dog

Labrador Dog

Leaving man’s best friend behind in the case of any emergency when you need your bug out bag can be a tough decision to make. But when your dog is well-trained, you will have less to worry about, since it may move with you as you seek for safety.

There are several benefits to having a well-trained dog. They provide warmth on cold nights, companionship, and a degree of protection, especially the bigger dogs. If you want to take your dog with you on a journey or a night out, you have to pack its own bug out bag.

In this post, I have outlined a few things that you need to pack for your dog.

1. Saddle Bag for Dog’s Bug Out Bag

A saddlebag is one of those items you should have in your bug out bag, as it helps your dog evenly distribute its weight. Make sure you opt for one that is waterproof in case it starts to rain, or you bring along plastic bags to help keep the compartments safe.

2. Freeze Dried Dog Food

Your dog’s bug out bag should be able to contain food for about 72 hours, just like yours. Therefore, it pays to get freeze-dried dog foods. Unlike a can or traditional dry food, freeze-dried dog foods take up less space and weigh less. If your dog is sensitive, make sure you get a kind that meant for sensitive stomachs.

3. Blanket in Saddle Bag

Aside from providing warmth for your friend in cold weather, a blanket can be folded and used as a bed. Be sure to pick a blanket that is easy to fold and lightweight for your dog’s saddlebag.

4. Backpacker’s Bowl

Backpacker’s bowls are lightweight and usually collapsible, which makes it easier to store in your dog’s saddlebag. Take at least two backpacker’s bowls with you, and a little soap for proper cleaning between uses.

5. Extra Leash

A leash can keep your dog strutting in style. When packing your dog’s bug out bag, you must put an extra leash in case something happens to the first. The leash should be made from sturdy material and not those made with thin collapsible leads.

6. Water Purification Tablets

Some method of purifying water is necessary to ensure that your dog has continuous access to clean drinking water. A water purification tablet is a good option. It helps to purify your dog’s water and make it safe for drinking. A portable water filter works as well. If you choose to put a few bottles of water in your dog’s saddle bag, you need to understand that water is heavy, so you have to limit how much water you will bring.

7. Dog Tags And Collar

Put extra dog tags and collar in your dog’s bug out bag. This should include your phone number, your name, and other essential vaccination information. If the original tag and collar of your dog are lost or compromised, make sure you replace it as soon as possible.

8. Medicines

Another important thing to have in your dog’s bug out bag is medicine. Your dog needs a dosage of heartworm medication, tick and flea medicine, and other specific drugs that your dog takes regularly. Pack about a three-day supply or more if you have a room for it.

9. Treats in the Bug Out Bag

It is likely your dog does not know it is in a survival situation, so you need to give it some home’s comfort while you are away. Amazing treats will help to keep your dog obedient and calm.

10. Article Of Clothing or Familiar Toy

Bring along a piece of your home with you, preferably something that has your scent. This will make your dog more comfortable in unfamiliar locations. A toy is a great option since your dog needs to play even in a survival situation.

Wrap Up

Dogs can be very beneficial in a survival situation, particularly if they are well trained and taken care of. A well-stocked bug out bag can preserve your dog in emergencies.

What started as a plan to prepare my family for survival in both the rural wilderness and the urban jungle has made me realize just how much there is to learn. After extensive research I am keen to pass on the knowledge I have acquired to save you the stress and worry of being caught out in unexpected circumstances.

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