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Keychains for Self-Defense – Review of the Top Six

Ypogo Keychain

While a baton or knife may be your most effective self-defense weapons there may be situations when you do not have time to grab these. This is where one of the keychains can come to your rescue by giving you instant access to a tool to ward off an attacker. These are small enough to fit in a pocket and so will always be to hand.

Before reviewing the various types of keychains we should advise that some may not be allowed by local laws. So you should always check before making a purchase. For example both pepper sprays and stun guns are banned in several places. However there are plenty of other self-defense keychains from which you can choose.

Yoogo Self Defense Keychains

The Yoogo Self Defense Keychain is described as a force multiplier. This small polymer gadget attaches to your car keys. When held correctly two round knobs protrude between your fingers. Should you be threatened this will give your resistance added power. The fact that this tool can also be used to break glass in an emergency shows just how effective it is in self-defense. The Yoogo allows you the element of surprise in a defense situation and helps protect your hand on impact.

SOG Key Knife Folding Knife

If you want something that looks harmless then what could be better than an extra key on your keychain. The SOG Key Knife looks just like any other key, but fold out the one and a half inch long blade and you have a handy tool for opening boxes and blister packs as well as use in self-defense.

The only drawback is that it can be tricky to open the blade in a hurry, but for around $10 this is well worth considering.

Kubaton Self-Defense Keychains

The Kubaton Self-Defense Keychain is a 5.5 inches long pen shaped tool with a point at one end and a ring on the other to attach your keys. The four grooves along the body ensure a firm grip and so won’t slip if your palms get sweaty. By having this attached to your car keys you will always have protection whenever you need it. The pointed end is also useful for breaking glass if required.

Kubaton Keyring Aluminum Blunt Force

This is similar to the previous tool, but is made of aluminum rather than steel and has two spikes that stick out from the side.

When holding the keychain the two spikes protrude between your fingers. As you can imagine this could cause serious harm to an attacker although it has been suggested by one reviewer that the fact that you are brandishing this in the face of your assailant will act as sufficient deterrent.

This is perhaps the greatest benefit of the Aluminum Blunt Force since the spikes are hollow tubes that are not too strong and can snap off.

SABRE Pepper Spray Keychains

The SABRE Pepper Spray Keychain is a 3-in-1 Pepper Spray, CS Tear Gas & UV Dye to help identify the attacker. This is both simple to use and very effective. In the event of an attack just point and shoot and you’ll discharge a thick burning fog up to ten feet. This should be sufficient to disable your assailant and give you time to run away and escape.

The Sabre brand is used by several police forces and so you can bank on its reliability. At around $10 this is a very affordable choice provided it is legal in your area.

Vipertek VTS

The Vipertek VTS is small enough to fit on to your keychain, but powerful enough to stop an attacker in his tracks. Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker . Simply touching an assailant will deliver a high voltage shock sufficient to cause loss of balance and confusion bringing him to his knees and making him incapable of further aggressive activity and giving you time to escape.

Wrap Up

While no one should spend all their time in fear of being attacked, it is only sensible to adopt the Boy Scout’s motto of “Be Prepared”. By keeping one of these self-defense keychains with you at all times you will be ready any eventuality.

But do check the local laws before you make a purchase. For instance Texas bans any knuckle tools as do several other states. Pepper sprays and stun guns are also restricted.

Daniel Powell

What started as a plan to prepare my family for survival in both the rural wilderness and the urban jungle has made me realize just how much there is to learn. After extensive research I am keen to pass on the knowledge I have acquired to save you the stress and worry of being caught out in unexpected circumstances.

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