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Your Urban Survival Kit -10 Essential Items

Urban Survival Kit - Mace Spray

There is a difference between survival in a city rather than out in a rural area. An urban environment provides a good chance of finding a deserted building and more opportunities to scavenge for food. This means that you have less worry about finding somewhere to stay. As a result your urban survival kit will need different items from a bug out bag for rural conditions. However both will still need the basic equipment such as bedding, food and a knife. And don’t forget to pack a first aid kit.

Here are some suggestions for your urban survival kit:

1. Mace

In a survival situation it is not just a case of providing for your own needs. You also need to protect yourself from possible thieves who want to grab your stuff. A squirt from a canister of mace should be your first line of defense. This will give you time either to escape or to grab your baton or knife.

2. Crowbar

A crowbar is an essential item for survival in an urban environment. This is the ideal tool to force open a door or break a window. It does not take up much room and so is easy to fit into your backpack.

3. Can Opener

A can opener may seem to be a very basic item, but trying to open a can without one can be both frustrating and dangerous. Since canned food is one thing that you might well find abandoned in an urban environment it makes sense to add one to your kit.

4. Wire Cutters

While a crowbar has many uses cutting wire is not one of them. For tasks such as opening a hole in a wire fence wire cutters are essential. And they can be used to cut other materials such as rope which would defeat a pair of scissors.

5. Water Purification Tablets

We all need water to survive, but it must be safe to drink. If you find a source of water and want to ensure that it will not harm you, just add water purification tablets. You may have to wait for them to act, but the result will be clean drinking water.

6. Face Mask Or Gas Mask

A fire particularly in an industrial plant can spread toxic smoke and fumes. A face mask can provide some protection although a gas mask would be even better. The downside is that it would take up more room in your bug out bag. You should certainly have one to be on the safe side.

7. Water Keys

This may not be practical in every case, but if there is a natural disaster and drinking water is scarce a water key could come to your rescue. This is another item that could come in handy so remember to pack one in your urban survival kit.

8. Portable Solar Panel

In an emergency situation power will be one of the first services to fail leaving you unable to charge your phone, torch and other rechargeable items. A portable solar panel can be your answer in this situation and so is a worthwhile addition to your bug out bag.

9. Emergency radio

One big problem in an emergency is knowing what is happening in the world around you. Provided that one or more stations are still operating a radio can help you keep up to date. Naturally it should be battery powered or you could choose a wind up model.

10. Ax

An ax has many uses. Apart from the obvious one of chopping wood for a fire it can be used like a crowbar for breaking glass or other material. It could even come in handy as a self-defensive weapon. A small camping ax would be your best choice.

Wrap Up

These ten tools will form the foundation of your urban survival kit, but don’t forget the other basic items listed above in the introduction. These together will ensure that you are ready for any emergency.

Daniel Powell

What started as a plan to prepare my family for survival in both the rural wilderness and the urban jungle has made me realize just how much there is to learn. After extensive research I am keen to pass on the knowledge I have acquired to save you the stress and worry of being caught out in unexpected circumstances.

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